Sunday, 20 August 2017

Blightwar, new models and rules.

Hi all. 

So, today we have been blessed with further information regardsing the new upcoming box set for Age of Sigmar, Blightwar. 

As we could see from the teaser video, the box contains both a Nurgle and a Stormcast army. These include a new model for both. 

The first one is Neave Blacktalon. A female Stormcast of the Knights-Zephyros. It states she is equipped with 2 Whirlwind Axes and a Boltstorm Pistol for range. Personally I really like this model. I am a big fan of them doing female Stormcasts, and this one does not disappoint. I love the pose, and the to head options, helmeted and non helmeted. 

The next model is the one that was teased in the video. Horticulous Slimux. It states he is Nurgle’s Grand Cultivator, helping to seed and maintain the plagued gardens of his realm and beyond. So he is obviously a significant character, and one I hope appears in some Black Library novels soon. Like the other model, I am also a big fan of this one. It looks like his main still will be to improve to other Nurgle models and yet can still handle himself in close combat. 

Other things that come with the box set are some new rules and new battleplans which will really add some flavour and there will also be some background which will continue the Age of Sigmar story. 

Overall I think this box set is a must for any Nurgle or Stormcast players. 

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Friday, 18 August 2017


Hi all. 

Yesterday we were treated by Warhammer with a new video for something called Blightwar. 

The video showed still images of Nurgle Plaguebearers engaging some stormcast with a voice over by a character who claims to be the first of Nurgles creations. He goes on to state that Nurgle is unhappy with the outcome of the Realm Gate Wars and is looking to strike back.

At the beginning of the video, there is a very dark picture of what looks like a new model of  this character who appears to be riding something.  Please comment below what you think this could be. 

All in all I am very excited by this video and the possible new Nurgle models, which I hope includes Nurgle Beastmen, but this may be wishful thinking lol. I must say that it has come at a very good time due to the new Black Library novel, Plague Garden. 

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Thursday, 17 August 2017

New Free People Model?

Hello guys!

Is this a new Free People Model? Looks very similar to Empire aesthetic but I can't recall seeing it before??

He is from one of the new box sets GW has previewed today:

And with a new map-based campaign system you can colour me intrigued! Empire building should be a lot of fun!

'Firestorm brings grand strategy and empire building to Warhammer Age of Sigmar. You and your friends will battle across the Flamescar Plateau in the Realm of Fire, and your actions will shape the map itself; you’ll even be able to build and upgrade your territories with garrisons, altars and more. Your campaigns will be richer than ever, with your every battle having a tangible impact on the world, but the tokens and the map can be reused and combined so that your new campaigns will feel fresh.'

What do you think about today's preview?

Stay fluffy


Monday, 14 August 2017

Kaelo Rylanus - August Hobby Update

Good day Bunnies!

First I would like to apologise to the readers and authors of the blog for my being unproductive over the last 8 months. With moving homes, change to job role and, to be completely honest, a loss of hobby enthusiasm, it has been hard to find the time and motivation to complete any projects. My hobby priorities have changed so many times over the last 8 months that I feel more like a hobby bluebottle than a hobby butterfly lol. However, the release of a new Warhammer 40,000 and the progression of the story has really excited me in a way I haven't experienced since Forge World announced that they were going to be doing the Horus Heresy. I thought that the 40K setting had died for me. I was wrong. So lets take a look at my update and what I have been working on.

Kaelo's Bite of News!

Stories I think you may find interesting.

Alan Bligh:

I know it has been a few months now but I wanted to offer my deepest condolences and sympathies to the family and colleagues of Alan Bligh. He was an incredibly talented man and I have some very fond memories of him. He will be sorely missed at events and in seminars.


There are images floating around the web of the next Daemon Primarch to be released from GW. If you haven't seen it yet here is a picture of him.

From what I have seen so far, I am a massive fan. I think the paintjob is too clean and doesn’t do the model justice however. I look forward to seeing him painted differently.


This is a game that I really enjoyed as a teenager and I am mad excited for it. However, the suggestion is that it won't follow the same rules as it's previous edition (now used for Shadow War) which is a massive blow for me. I'm sure I will give it a go anyway. Skirmish games are awesome!

Chapter Approved:

I don't know a massive amount about this book but it seems like it is going to be extra rules and scenarios etc. This can only be a good thing in my opinion but I am worried that 40k is going to start getting book heavy again. Already books that people got in the last 3 months are out of date and although I am glad for the swift updates there is a real risk of GW alienating it's fans over it. Warscrolls were free for AoS when they had a reboot. I believe that the Indexes should have been digital and free. Just my 2 cents.

Generals Handbook:

Awesome. Everything about this book is awesome, from the 80s inspired GW video to the information constantly being given by Warhammer Community, this sounds like it will be great. You can expect a review of it over here, when it comes out.

Kaelo's Most Wanted!

Top 3 models on the horizon I am most looking forward to.

  1. Primaris Reivers - I wasn’t a big fan of the single pose Reivers but the multi-posable plastic kit look awesome! 
  1. Primaris Aggressors – I really like the look of this kit. While not as iconic as the old terminator armour, I think it is a great kit that I can't wait to get my hands on.
  1. Redemptor Dreadnought – I know the jury is still out on this model but I really like it. It is an updated design of the old dreadnought and just fits with the new fluff. If you haven't already watched Duncan's paint guide, take a peek – it gives a really good close-up look at the kit.

I have ordered all 3 of these kits and will be adding them to my projects over the coming weeks.

Kaelo's 'Getting Ready for Battle!'

Units and projects worked on since my last update.

Here are some pictures of my work in progress Primaris Intercessors and Inceptors:

I am not a big fan of the Inceptor design so I have kitbashed my own. Let me know what you think!

Kaelo's Strategium!

A quick look at some of the rules for recently completed projects.

Unfortunately I only received the codex today so I can't discuss it at this time :(

Kaelo's Gaming Adventures!

All gaming that has taken up my time recently!

Warhammer 40,000

I managed to get my first game of 8th edition against Aveinus’ brilliant looking Orks. We played a 700pt game which ended in a draw. I love 8th edition, it is a fast-paced game which can be as simple or as complex as you like. I love modifiers for the various weapons - which harks back to the first editions of 40K I ever played - I feel it shows the difference in guns and armour far better than the AP system ever could. I would like to do a proper post on 8th edition in the future so I won't go into too much depth here. We had a great game and here is a picture (models and scenery weren't finished buy we were desperate to give the game a go lol.

Mass Effect Andromeda:

I have always enjoyed the Mass Effect franchise since I played ME2 and platinumed it on PS3. The end of ME3 was disappointing but as a whole there have been more highs than lows for this franchise. I have now completed Andromeda and can say it has been an awesome game. There is a lot more freedom in the exploring of the different planets and it really promotes some great ideas for future 40k scenery projects. It also made me want to do a Tau army lol…

Deus Ex, Mankind Divided:

I have played the other Deus Ex games and even though I have always enjoyed them, I always felt like, although there are many ways you can play the game, the game promoted one particular way over others. Largely, I feel that this game avoids that and truly offers a variety of ways to play it through. The story line is great and moves at a solid pace as do the various side missions which are really varied for a change. The game is great and again, well worth playing.

Warhammer Vermintide:

Cannot get enough of this game. It's great fun to play with friends online but equally enjoyable with BOTs if you have no friends (this is my default method of play lol). The game explores a time period just before the End Times, so is set in the brilliant ‘Old World’. There are 5 playable characters and each one plays quite differently, from the sniper shooting of Wood Elf to the hammer swinging Empire dude, there is a character that anyone can find enjoyment from. Great game!

Mordheim, City of the Damned:

My second recent trip to the Old World comes I'm the form of the digital game based upon GWs old Fantasy skirmish game. The game is very slow to start but I am now totally engrossed. I have even started to create my own expansion on AoS: Skirmish so that I can play it with my Danariel, Avienus and Ghroll on Age of Warhammer. If you like turn based strategy games you will find enjoyment from it. I would wait until it is on special offer though as you may feel short changed to start with. With a bit of time though you will be slaughtering other gangs with ease and building up an awesome hoard of Wyrdstone lol. 

Kaelo's Planning Stage!

Projects that I am currently looking at starting.

Grass board:

I literally have no complete scenery in my house for any games or pictures. It's quite frustrating really because I spend all my time planning or painting, the biggest area of the hobby I tend to ignore is scenery. This must change and I will be showing my progress as I complete some trees, realm of battle board and some hills over the next month or so.


I managed to get a 1000pt Skaven army, unpainted for about £25 so this has moved to a project I want to complete. With all the Vermintide and Mordheim I have been playing, I have grown quite fond of the hairy little bastards…

Kaelo's Sound of Violence!

Books that I have recently been listening to.

The Crimson King:

Good book. I found that it started to lose me in the last 3-4 chapters and I was just wanting it to end. This is probably because I had a long break between the first 3/4s of the book and then the rest. If I had continued through without a months break (for work) I probably would have not lost my way.

Perturabo, The Hammer of Olympia

This was a fantastic book and Guy Haley is quickly becoming my favourite Black Library author (watch out Chris Wraight and ADB lol). The book shows the absolute tragedy of Perturabo’s story and he becomes a character that a lot of people will see as far deeper than previously believed. He has gone from a Primarch I cared little for to a real contender for most compelling traitor lol. Get it. Read it. Love it!

Kaelo's Events!

Upcoming events that I am attending.

None, there are no current events I am going to.

Contact Kaelo!

How to contact me.

Facebook - either message the Battle Bunnies Facebook page or add me on Facebook - Kaelo Rylanus

Email me at

So I hope you have enjoyed my post. I would love to hear your feedback!

Until next time, stay fluffy!


Thursday, 3 August 2017

Overlords of the Iron Dragon

Hi all. 

So I decided to have a look on the Black Library website and I noticed that there is a new Warhammer Age of Sigmar book that is due to be released in November. 

As you can see, and tell by the title, Overlords of the Iron Dragon will be the first novel including the Kharadron Overlords. This does not really surprise me as they have done novels for most of the other factions in the Legends of the Age of Sigmar series. 

As for the plot, it seems to be about a captain called Brokrin Ullissonn who is going on a mining expedition for some aether-gold. Pretty standard stuff really, which I must admit does not buzz me much. I will however give it a read when it comes out and hopefully do a review for you guys/girls on here as soon as I'm finished. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Take care all :-)

P.s I am making my way through Plague Garden at the moment, so look out for a review on here soon. 

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Soulblight Necropolis.

Hi all

Today I will be bringing you a review of the new battle mat by games workshop. The Soulblight Necropolis. 

As you can see from the picture, the mat has a death theme to it, with tomes scattered about, and some unusual looking carvings/runes on the floors. 

The scenery I have from 4 ground goes really well with the mat, which I am very happy about as I have quite the collection. 

The only negative points I can think of with this batter mat, is one the size. It is 4 foot by 4 foot and not the traditional 6 foot by 4 foot. So you will have to scale down your armies for full battles. This size is however perfect for skirmish games. If you haven't checkout our Kaelos excellent reviews of the Skirmish book, I suggest you do so. The only other negative thing is that the mat comes folded in a small box which creates annoying fold lines. As a result of this, I suggest storing it rolled up in a cardboard tube. 

Overall I believe this is a must buy for any death player, and I cannot wait to have some amazing looking battles on it. 

Take care    

Monday, 3 July 2017

Pictures From July's White Dwarf

Hello all!

I received my subscription White Dwarf today so I thought I would share some Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 pictures with you.

New starter sets:

Helmet option for Primaris Librarian:

Options for Primaris Captain:



Easy Plague Marines:


Paintset contents:

Open War cards:

Evolution of the Space Marine:

Pic from the battle report:

New Age of Sigmar starter:

Awesome board:

Armies on Parade announced:

Preview of next month's White Dwarf:

So, as expected there is a ton of new releases for 40k and a few for AoS, all of these new bundles create a fantastic platform for new beginners in the hobby and also a cheaper option for veterans to add to their own collections!

There is a large section devoted to AoS Skirmish which looks like a really good and a section at the back for Realm of Battle ideas. 

My first thoughts are that this is a really strong White Dwarf. Looking forward to the next one :)